Users on our website can access the services only with relevant information

The members will publish the information in order to verify the truth and accuracy of the users. The content of the profiles can be investigated by the users without any obligations by our support team. The uploaded images are included in order to investigate the content which is present on the profiles. The member profiles can be accepted by the customers because the service is mainly used for the purpose of entertainment only. The users are requested to provide the relevant information which can be accessed by all the users on our gay dating site. If you use the services confidentially then you can obtain the connection in the other forms of connection. The consent of the originator should be taken into consideration to access the services by the third parties. The explicitly requested information can be provided to the users with the services furnished on our website.

Refrain from using the information:

You can treat the customer’s data by using the specific information which is available on our website. The users can ensure to use gay dating site services with confidentiality once if they have obtained the connection. The customers can plan to refrain from using the information if there is no warranty for the commercial intentions. Personal communication should be taken into consideration by all the customers on our website.

The tendering good or services should not be advertised in any other form by the users. You must ensure not to use the free services over a period of time when you delete your profile. If you want to delete and review any messages then you can visit the comments section on our website. The free services which are available on our website can be used as per the choice of the customers. There is no reason required as per the right to contract for the customers based on the special conditions.

Purpose of additional verification:

The users should take certain measures in order to protect the data which is available on our website. The conclusion of the contract will be expired based on the withdrawal period. The valid ID proof will be requested from the customers for the purpose of additional verification. If you require any help at the dating factory then you can feel free to contact our support team. You can send your communication to the other people in order to meet the withdrawal deadline. The users can withdraw from the contract if they get the required information about their decision. The sale of the goods should be taken into consideration to provide the provisions for the services. All the payments which are received by the users can be withdrawn based on your contract. The full coverage of the contract can be compared by the users based on the withdrawal period of the contract.

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